Adventure Program

NIS truly believes in offering our students the best year of their lives. We wish to provide them with a warm friendly home, strong academic program, program support and activities! We recognize the need for our students to remain healthy and active during their year abroad. In each region of the province, we offer our students an adventure package that has one activity each month. These activities will provide the students the opportunity to interact with other students and experience adventures that are unique to Newfoundland. These activities include, dog sledding, rock climbing, river rafting, whale watching, snow kiting and so many more


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Hello! My name is Kira

I decided to stay 5 months in Newfoundland.

Before I was leaving I couldn’t imagine how awesome it’s going to be. I was probably the happiest person ever.

I had a great host family and host sister. We had so much fun together. All we could think of was to plan the next trick on each other. Sure, it took some time till we figured out that we can do that, but also in the time we weren’t joking, we had great conversations and fun.