Homestay Program


While studying in Newfoundland, students will be immersed in the English Language, supported by approved and accredited English as a Second Language (ESL) classes that are offered outside of regular class time. They will be part of a secure and easy going way of life in a physical setting free from pollution, violence and noise.

The experience will be enhanced through our Homestay Program in which students live with a Newfoundland family who will provide a safe, caring and supportive home. The best way to learn English and Canadian culture is to live with a local family. Living with a local family provides the student with a full English immersion experience.

All host families are carefully chosen and screened prior to their participation in the homestay program. The host families complete a criminal check and a child abuse registry check, in home interview and application process. We are proud of our families and we take every measure to ensure our students are placed with a loving, welcoming safe family.


Students will have their own bedroom with a desk, lamp, bed and linens provided. They will receive 3 meals per day with some snacks. Host families treat students as though they are a regular family member. Students will have the same responsibilities as every other member of the family. This includes contributing to the completion of household chores and respecting the rules of the host family.

Host families participate in the program because they want to meet someone from another country. They want to learn about the students’ culture and share our own. It is the perfect exchange and environment to learn. They welcome the student into their home as though he/she were their own child. Our families welcome the opportunity to host students and share their home with them.For more information, please review our Host Family Handbook.


NIS have a tram of homestay coordinators to assist with your stay.  They are experienced , trained and available !

Homestay coordinators are available to assist students during regular daytime hours while providing a convenient emergency contact available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A coordinator will communicate with students at least once a month to ensure they are comfortable and have all the support they need to succeed.

At NIS, our entire team is committed to your success—our goal is to immerse you in the language and culture so that you can realize your dreams.


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Hello! My name is Kira

I decided to stay 5 months in Newfoundland.

Before I was leaving I couldn’t imagine how awesome it’s going to be. I was probably the happiest person ever.

I had a great host family and host sister. We had so much fun together. All we could think of was to plan the next trick on each other. Sure, it took some time till we figured out that we can do that, but also in the time we weren’t joking, we had great conversations and fun.